Coap DTLS allows the coap datagrams to be encrypted at the transport protocol level. This is the only way you can access COAP from the internet (public APN).

We support DTLS COAP with PSK encryption. Therefore, you will be required to provision such keys on your device before attempting to send data fromit to the coap dtls server.

To add a PSK COAP DTLS sevice, use the following HTTP body when using the Add device endpoint:

HTTP requestvalue
headersSame as parent "add request"
body (JSON){
"serialNumber": "IMEI:<your_imei>",
"protocol": "HTTP",
"additionalParams": {
"adaptationLayerName": "STDCOAPDTLS",
"pskid": "<your_imei>",
"psk": "<your_psk_key_in_hex_string>"
"groupName": "<your_group_name>"