Important notice for this endpoint

Please note that, due to limitation of the embedded http request tool in this page, it is NOT possible to perform this request here: please use the postman collection instead. You can find the link in the "introduction" page in this section.

This api is used to upload a new file base on the id given by the "Add new file" api andpoint.
If you are using postman, set the Body type to "form-data", then set the key name to "file" and then specify the type "file" in the drop down menu next to it. then select your file and you should be able to upload it.


A brief explanation of the received json and its fields.

  • id: the id of the file. You can refer to this id for other operations such as delete, download, upload content.
  • tenantId: the id of the project this file belongs to.
  • fileName: the name of the file specified in the upload process.
  • hashName: the hash of the file name.
  • version: the file version specified in the upload process.
  • mimeType: the type of the file uploaded.
  • size: the size of the uploaded file in bytes.
  • md5: the md5 hash of the file.
  • updated: the epoch time wth milliseconds precision that the file was uploaded or updated. You can derive the actual time with various free tools on the internet, for example this one https://currentmillis.com/
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