Application URL required

This function requires that an application URL is registered for the API user with this API call: https://docs.iotcreators.com/reference/register-application-url

Enable or disable ACK when sending UDP datagrams to the UDP server.

If enabled, for every uplink, the device will receive a downlink with this format, that serves as an "ACKnowledgement":

Byte #43210

The acknowledgements will be sent until it is not explicitly disabled for the device.

The CRC-32 is calculate over the ascii-hex representation of the payload sent by the device.

Thus, if the device sends "Hello World", the calculation will be performed over the hex ascii string "48656c6c6f20576f726c64" which is the ascii hex representation of the string "Hello World".

For string "Hello World", the expected downlink should then be "aa429470b6".


Calculate CRC-32

You can calculate the CRC-32 of a string here: https://crc32.online/

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