Application URL required

This function requires that an application URL is registered for the API user with this API call: https://docs.iotcreators.com/reference/register-application-url

Sends a base64 encoded downlink messages via eDRX to the device.
This message can be used to send binary content to the device. The function requires base64 encoded payload as input for the element resourceValue. Before the payload is sent out to the device it is decoded to binary.

For NB-IoT and LTE-M devices downlink messages can be delivered to the device via eDRX. eDRX is a feature of the mobile operator. It enables that messages can be buffered within the network of the mobile operator in case the device is in sleep mode. After the device woke up the network of the mobile operator delivers the message to the device.
By using eDRX to deliver downlink messages to the device the IoT adapter of SCS doesn't need to queue the message. It is directly forwarded to the mobile operator after it is receipt by this API.

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