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IoT Documentation

This is the documentation library of IoT Creators.

IoT Creators brings LPWAN based IoT data provisioning services of Deutsche Telekom to IoT community and IoT market. It acts as a hub for the IoT communities and systems.
On one hand side IoT Creators put the device domain with its system developers and integrators very much into focus. On the other hand side IoT Creators address very much the application domain with its need of getting provided IoT data.
Major goal of IoT Creators is to make it easy for all stakeholders involved in implementing an IoT end-to-end solution - from the device to the enterprise application. The hardware developers and integrators shall not think so much about how they can transfer the data through all infrastructure and software layers to the main entrance of the application. And the other way arround the application developer and integrator shall not think about IoT network technologies and protocolls such as NB-IOT, LTE-M, LoRaWAN, MQTT, LWM2M, etc..

Here you can find the relevant information about

  • Deutsche Telekom and its NB-IoT and LTE-M networks all over Europe.
  • IoT Creators platform and how to start and work with it.
  • How to integrate IoT devices with IoT Creators platform via cellular IoT networks and IoT protocolls.
  • How to integrate applications and other IoT platforms with IoT Creators platform.
  • APIs and data formats.

To get in contact with IoT community and experts of IoT Creators to ask questions or have some interesting discussions about IoT jump to our IoT FORUM.

If you have feedback, or notes we will be happy to hear about it! If you have Hardware walkthroughs, step by step software setups or other IOT related stories you would like to share on our platform, please touch base on our forum with Afzal or Roland

Have fun! :smile:

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IoT Documentation

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