Nanosensorics Ampsense

The AMPSENSE is advanced technology sensor applied for measurement of the magnitude of the electric current through easily installed split core current transformers and used indoors.

Sensor is one phase or three phase with integrated advanced intelligent (AI) computational algorithm enables reliable capability of the measurement the magnitude current.

The data transmitted from the sensor is based on Class A LoRaWAN® wireless network. AMPSENSE is powered with 3.6V batteries and able to operate up to 13 years depending on the configuration.

The AMPSENSE sensor is easily configured and connected to the LoRaWAN® wireless network. The calibration is not needed for the AMPSENSE.

The main technical characteristics and benefits of AMPSENSE sensor:

  • Compatible with LoRaWAN® specification 1.0.3
  • Measures electric current
  • Measurements at regular intervals with integrated advanced intelligent (AI) computational algorithms
  • Indoor use
  • Battery life is up to 13 years depending on settings and environmental conditions

Different versions are provided:

  • AMPSENSE1-32 measures current RMS up to 32 A, 1 phase
  • AMPSENSE32 measures current RMS up to 32 A, 3 phase
  • AMPSENSE50 measures current RMS up to 50 A, 3 phase
  • AMPSENSE75 measures current RMS up to 75 A, 3 phase
  • AMPSENSE150 measures current RMS up to 150 A, 3 phase
  • AMPSENSE250 measures current RMS up to 250 A, 3 phase
  • AMPSENSE400 measures current RMS up to 400 A, 3 phase
  • AMPSENSE600 measures current RMS up to 600 A, 3 phase

Useful resources

Find here the useful resources:

Configuring the device

Powering on the device

The device can be powered on through a double 3.7 volts lithium batteries. When powered, the device will automatically try to join the lorawan network and will start to send data.

Finding the device keys

The lorawan keys are provided by Nanosensorics to you upon purchase.

Register the lorawan gateway


Register gateway

Please contact our [email protected] and we will register your LoRaWAN gateway for you ;)

Configure the gateway to point to iotcreators

After registering the gateway, it must be set to send data to iotcreators, to do so use the following config:

  • Server address:
  • Server port up: 1780
  • Server port down: 1780
  • Push timeout: 200ms (this also depends on the quality of your internet connection)
  • Keep-alive interval: 5 seconds

Register the device

To register it, select "Lorawan (managed by" in the registration menu.

and input the device DEVEUI, APPKEY and APPEUI. Device class is A.

Sending data to iotcreators


Register the device

Remember to register the device before sending data to iotcreators, see chapter above.

The device will automatically send data at the specified interval of time. Such interval can be configured with dedicated downlinks.

Payload decoding

The payload sent by the ampsense contains data about the sensed current (3 phases can be measured at the same time) and device battery level. It can be decoded with the provided simple http application that you can find it below.

The structure is as such:

0 - 1Current A (Amperes)
2 - 3Current B (Amperes)
4 - 5Current C (Amperes)
6 - 7Battery voltage (byte 6 integer and byte 7 after dot)

Code example

Here you can find a code example on how to decode data from this device:


Uplink decoder

Sending data to the device

The device can receive downlinks in order to configure its working parameters. All the downlinks must be sent to port 3.

The downlinks will only be received immediately after an uplink has been sent.

Downlink format

HeaderPayload lengthPayload
Settings IDSettings data
0xBA1 byte1 byte0-n bytes

Possible configuration messages

Setting IDSetting LengthComment
0x1A2 bytesSet sensors measurement time (Tx) period in seconds. Minimum value is limited to 30 s. Minimum value is 65536 s (1092 min / 18.2
0x1B1 byteLED control: • 0x00 – green LED OFF • 0x01 – green LED ON • 0x02 – green LED toggle for 5 s
0x1C0 bytesReset device

Examples of downlinks:

  • BA031A0384 - set measurement time to 15 minutes (900 s)
  • BA031A0258 - set measurement time to 10 minutes (600 s)
  • BA021B01 - green LED ON.
  • BA011C - Reset device.

The config parameters can also be concatenated one after the other.

A self-explaining example:

BA051A03841B02 - Set measurement time to 15min and toggle green LED for 5s

Forwarding data to your application endpoint

To forward data to your application endpoint, you can follow the user guide here:


Forwarding data

5: Forward message to application