Integrate Platforms & Applications

In this section you will find descriptions who to integrate various Cloud or IoT platforms or Applications with IoT Creators.

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We want to provide more and more integration manuals for popular IoT platforms. With these manuals it's super easy for you to build a simple end-2-end integration and see your device data in that platform. And we really like to follow the voting of our users :+1: when deciding what platform to try out next.

You've got that chance now:

Hit the "Yes" button on the bottom of all the "...[coming soon]" pages in this chapter to inform us what's important for you!

hit "Yes" on the "...[coming soon]" pages in order to votehit "Yes" on the "...[coming soon]" pages in order to vote

hit "Yes" on the "...[coming soon]" pages in order to vote


And by the way: in Spring 2021 we checked the callback URL's of the 250 different IoT-projects that were running at this time on These were the three most common destinations our users send device data to:

top-3 platforms 2021top-3 platforms 2021

top-3 platforms 2021

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