IoT Configuration Parameter

Learn more about basic settings for NB-IoT networks of Telekom/T-Mobile and the IoT Creators

NB-IoT Network Settings

The following table provides an overview of the basic network parameters that you need to configure the cellular module of your device.




Standard APN:
(currently all SIMs ordered through
IMSI starting with 90 and ICCID starting with 898

2nd possible APN: scs.telekom.tma.iot
(some SIMs handed out at events)
IMSI starting with 23 and ICCID starting with 894

Frequency Range

Guard Band


T-Mobile Austria: 23203
T-Mobile Croatia: 21901
T-Mobile Czech Republic: 23001
Telekom Germany: 26201
Cosmote Greece: 20201
Magyar Telekom Hungary: 21630
T-Mobile Poland: 26002
Telekom Slovakia: 23102
T-Mobile Netherlands: 20416

For other countries see Roaming Network Info

NB-IoT frequency bands
(if multiple bands are provided alsways use the first one as first)

Austria: B8 (900MHz)
Croatia: B20 (800MHz)
Czech Republic: B20 (800MHz), B8 (900MHz)
Germany: B8 (900MHz)
Greece: B20 (800MHz)
Hungary: B20 (800MHz), B8 (900MHz))
Poland: B20 (800MHz)
Slovakia: B20 (800MHz), B8 (900MH)
Netherlands: B8 (900MHz)
USA: B12 (700MHz), B2 (1900MHz), B4 (1700MHz)

For other countries see Roaming Network Info

Frequency Range

Guard Band

RAT Type

Guard Band

IoT Creators Settings

The following table provides you an overview of parameters which you need to configure your software on the device or your applications to enable end-to-end communication.



Neul Connector
(CoAP flavor of OceanConnect)

port: 5683

UDP Device Connector

port: 15683 (not DTLS!)

CoAP Connector

port: 5683 (not DTLS!)

LWM2M Server with DTLS

port: 5684

LWM2M Server without DTLS

port: 5683

LWM2M Server via public internet with DTLS

port: 5684

MQTT Server without TLS

ip :
port: 1883

MQTT Server via public internet with TLS

port: 8883

IoT Creators Application API URL
(supports TLS v1.1 and TLS v1.2)

IoT Creators WebHook source IP
(from those IPs IoT Creators forwards device messages to your application callback URL)

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