Integrate Development Kits

In this chapter we explain for various development kits (devkit) how to set them up, attach them with the NB-IoT network and to send and receive messages via various protocols such as UDP.

Different devkits integrate different cellular modules which use different chipsets. In general the AT command sets of the different chipsets and modules differ from each other. To give you a better understanding which devkit in the following chapterss uses cellular modules and chipset from which vendor the following table is given.

Development KitCellular ModuleChipset
SODAQ SARA AFF N211u-blox SARA-N211HiSilicon
SODAQ SARA AFF R410u-blox SARA-R410MQualcomm
Quectel BC66-TE-BQuectel BC66MediaTech
Tuino096Quectel BG96Qualcomm
Quectel BC95-G-TE-BQuectel BC95-GHiSilicon
Thales ENS22 NB-IoT DevKitThales ENS22-EHiSilicon
WaveShare SIM7070G HATSIMCom SIM7070GQualcomm 9205
SIMCom SIM7022-EVBKITSIMCom SIM7022Qualcomm QCX212
Wurth Elektronik eiSos GmbH: Adrastea-IAdrastea-IAdrastea