Integrate The Things Network devices

What is the things network?

The Things Network (from now on, TTN) is the largest LoRaWAN provider in the world. It provides the lora network and application server, to gather data received by customers' gateways.

How can we forward data from TTN to Iotcreators?

TTN allows data to be sent to custom HTTP endpoints, and this is how data can be sent to Iotcreators as well.

Forwarding data to Iotcreators

Step 1: create device on Iotcreators

This is the very first step, you will have to create the device on iotcreators with the same deveui displayed in the TTN console next to the created device.


Don't send data to iotcreators without having created a device first!

No data should be sent to iotcreators before having crated the correspondent device on the iotcreators' portal. This may lead to your device being blocked for 10 minutes.

To create such device, select "Lorawan (via the things network)" and insert the desired deveui.


Step 2: create device on the things network

Create a new device with the "Add end device" button in the application tab.

Step 3: set data forward to iotcreators

You will have to create a new webhook associated with your application in order to be able to forward data to iotcreators.
To do so, select the "Webhook" section in the left-side menu panel that appears when your application is opened.


Then, select custom webhook


And set the webhook parameters as follow:



Webhook connection settings

Uplink route: /uplink

Data format

After having successfully completed all the steps, you are ready to receive data from your sensors. You will see the last message next to your device entry in your iotcreators project, as any other device.


TTN json format

The whole json forwarded by TTN will be forwarded as follows: