3: Register devkit to IoT Creators

Learn how to register your device in IoT Creators

Your device is connected to our network. Great! Now it's time to identify your device in our IoT-network in order to able to retrieve the data of your device.

Please start by login to IoT Creators portal https://portal.iotcreators.com and enter the project page of your starterkit.


Click on the magenta button 'REGISTER DEVICE'.


Here you can paste or enter your device's IMEI number and select which communication protocol you'd like to use for sending and retrieving data with your device. If you don't know which communication protocol you need: UDP should work on all NB-IoT modules (from different vendors). CoAP works on moduls such as BC95 or BC66 from Quectel or SARA-N2XX from Ublox. In this quickguide we will continue with UDP.

In the next screen you will see that your IMEI number is registered which means that our IoT-network now knows that this device, and the data, belong to you.


Now it's finally time to send your first 'Hello World' message with NB-IoT! We will continue with the necessary steps in part IV.