AT command cheat sheets

We have collected for you the most relevant AT commands for some modules that are quite often used by our community.

What was that command again?

If all the AT commands are way too hard to remember for you and if you struggle with finding quickly what you need to make your device talk, then we've got something for you: good old cheat sheets.
Whatever the reason is that you're here:

  • if you go mad about the fact that all modules - even from one vendor - use a different AT command set
  • if Google doesn't help you as fast as you wish
  • if you want to outperform your fellow team members
  • if you loved secret cheating in school anyway and want to revive the feeling of (not) being cought
  • or if you simply want to save time

🚀 make use of this section of our doclib and please let us know whether it is helpful 👍 for you or not 👎 .

Trouble Shooting Quick Tips for Rookies

If you googled some AT command errors and by chance found our doclib - hi and a warm welcome for you. Hope to see you more often around here from now on 👋

AT command responseMeaningWhat I need to do
+CEREG: (n),(stat)

desired response:
+CEREG: x,5
(or +CEREG: x,1)

be patient and wait:
+CEREG: x,2

try again:
+CEREG: x,3

test at another location:
+CEREG: x,4
the first digit says:
0 = disable network registration unsolicited result code

the second digit says:
0 = module is not registered, and currently not searching for an operator to register to
1 = registered 👍 to the home network according SIM profile (our IoT Creators SIM are Global SIM and don't have a home network)
2 = not registered, but the module is currently trying to attach or searching for an operator to register to
3 = registration denied
4 = unknown (e.g. out of mobile network coverage)
5 = yay 🙌 , module is registered, in a roaming network (all our GSIMs roam)
Please make sure you follow the commands in the order as shown at the end of our manual pages again and give your module some time to find an operator and attach. Sometimes that can take 10-20 minutes!

In case you got a SIM from IoT Creators already some time ago then it probably doesn't support roaming in all countries and with all operators yet. Please send us your ICCID and we'll enable complete roaming for you.
You want to change the band and you get an error response.If you want to set the operator code or the APN, you turn off radio:
But this doesn't work for selecting the band.
Make sure radio is not switched off if you want to select a band.

Errors and Omissions Excepted

We admit, there's a fineprint: O&OE.

Please be aware that IoT Creators cannot guarantee for the completeness and accuracy of these AT command cheat sheets. For detailed information and latest versions of AT command guides, please always refer to the supplier's specifications and manuals which are referenced in each page.
In case the links are broken, please look for the documentation at the vendor's homepage and let us know that we need to update our pages.