Bulk Registration of Devices

This page describes how you can upload a file with a list of IMEI in order to register many of them at one time.

Preparation of CSV file in text editor

Create a csv file like this in a text editor:


The first line - header - is optional. Separator is comma.
Please make sure that protocol is identical for all IMEI.

Preparation of CSV file in MS Excel

In case you want to use MS Excel, you need to create a CSV export, which then generates the plain text file “*.csv” from the selected spreadsheet in MS Excel, looking like described above.

  • choose “Save-as” in MS Excel and then
  • choose the file format “CSV UTF-8 (comma seperated values)” as output format



UDP = UDP protocol
COAP = Neul Messaging protocol



IoT Creators is about to offer Standard CoAP soon in addition to the Huawei version of CoAP which is "Neul Messaging", that's why in future (we will announce it then) it will look like this:
UDP = UDP protocol
COAP = Standard CoAP protocol
NEUL = Neul Messaging protocol