Quectel BG96

AT command guide for: Quectel BG96

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Vendor's AT commands manual


General AT Commands

PurposeCommand String
Configure/start a manual network selectionAT+COPS =[, [,[,]]]

For example : AT+COPS=1,2,"26201"
Check the received signal qualityAT+QENG="servingcell"

Check the supported/configured bands of the UEAT+QCFG="band"
Check the network registration statusAT+CEREG?
Configure the APN for IP-based connectionAT+CGDCONT=1,"IP",""

For example: AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","bm5m-ipv4-tvgwbn1-2.de.iot"
Configure/activate the PSM modeAT+CPSMS=[[,<Requested_Periodic-RAU>[,<Requested_GPRS-READYtimer>[,<Requested_Periodic-TAU>[,<Requested_Active-Time>]]]]]

For example: AT+CPSMS=1,,,01000001,00000101
Check the firmware versionAT+CGMR
Modify the supported bands of the UEAT+QCFG="band"[,,,[,]]

For example: AT+QCFG="band",8,1
Switch ON / OFF the transceiverAT+CFUN=0 / AT+CFUN=1; AT+CGATT=1

AT Commands for Communication Protocols

PurposeCommand String
Configure/activate the eDRX modeAT+CEDRXS=[,[,[,<Requested_eDRX_value>]]]
Modify eDRX parametersAT+CEDRXS=[,[,[,<Requested_eDRX_value>]]]
Create a TCP/UDP socket and send data to remote via socketAT+QIOPEN=,,<service_type>,<IP_address>/<domain_name>,<remote_port>[,<local_port>[,<access_mode>]]

For example: AT+QIOPEN=1,1,"UDP","",5685,3001,1
Connect socket to remote address and portAT+QIOPEN=,,<service_type>,<IP_address>/<domain_name>,<remote_port>[,<local_port>[,<access_mode>]]

For example: AT+QIOPEN=1,1,"UDP","",5685,3001,1
Send data to remote via socketAT+QISEND=

For example: AT+QISEND=1