Weptech wM-Bus NB-IOT Gateway SWAN2-C

The SWAN2 is battery operated gateway and directly links up to 250 (SWAN2-C) wireless M-Bus devices to the cellular network using the new LTE Cat-NB1 technology.

The device is configured via the NFC interface. WEPTECH provides an Android application for this. This app also allows an update of the firmware of the device. In addition to that there is the option for remote configuration and Firmware-Update-Over-The-Air.

The wireless M-Bus interface (radio standard according to DIN EN 13757-4) works with 868 MHz and supports modes S, T and C as well as frame formats A and B. The gateway supports LTE bands 3, 8 and 20 as well as the protocols UDP, HTTP/S and LwM2M.

The device will switch to receive mode at adjustable intervals. The incoming wireless M-Bus meter telegrams are stored in a non-volatile memory. Following this or at configurable times, the data is sent via LTE Cat-NB1 mobile radio to the previously selected server.

Useful resources

Find here the useful resources:

General informationhttps://www.weptech.de/en/narrowband-iot-cat-nb1/wmbus-nb1-gateway-swan2.html
DatasheetRefer to WEPTECH directly
Configurator app (available on Android) - WEPTECH NFC Configuratorhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.weptech.nfcconfigurator&hl=en

Configuring the device

Register the device

The imei can be found on the top cover of the device, please register the device in your iotcreators project before attempting to connect the device to the network, otherwise it will be blacklisted for 10 minutes.


Register the device

Register device to IoT Creators

Opening the device

To open the device, just unscrew the screws on the bottom, and the device will expose the motherboard.

Inserting the sim card

To mount the sim card into the sim card tray, just lift the metal cover and place the sim card in it.

Powering the device on

The device can be powered by just short-circuiting the power jumper as in the below photo.

Connecting the device to your smartphone

To connect the device to a smartphone, download the WEPTECH NFC configurator, click on "Tap device" and get the smartphone close to the nfc antenna.

Once the device has been recognized, tap on the red lock to unlock the device, and input password 0123.


With the nfc cnfigurator, it is possible to configure anything related to the device.

Network configuration

Tap on the configuration tab, in the "Mobile network" section set up the relant network parameters such as the APN, the plnm id and band. You can exclude the band that are not supported in your area to make the network connection faster.


Network info

APN info: IoT Configuration Parameter

PLNM ID info: Roaming Network Info

The APN must be set accordingly to your sim card.

Protocol info

Set the protocol to UDP, and the address to the iotcreators UDP protocol.


Protocol info


Port: 15683

Info about these values here: IoT Configuration Parameter

Sending data to iotcreators

The device will automatically send data at the specified intervals of time.

Payload decoding


Uplink parser

The uplinks contain wM-bus frames. You can decode them with a wm-bus decoder. (coming soon)

Forwarding data to your application endpoint

To forward data to your application endpoint, you can follow the user guide here:


Forwarding data

5: Forward message to application