Ellenex PLS2-N liquid level transmitter

The Ellenex PLS2-N is a NB IoT is a low power level transmitter for liquid Media. It is designed to work in harsh environments and provide accurate measurements.

Key features:

  • Compatible with most standard communication protocols (UDP, LwM2M, MQTT, NIDD, etc.)
  • Wide range of industrial applications
  • High accuracy
  • Designed to meet outdoor applications
  • Long-term durable performance in harsh environment
  • Ultra-low power
  • Suitable for liquids compatible with SS

Useful resources

Find here the useful resources:

Configuring the device

Register the device

The imei can be found on the the modem of the device, please register the device in your iotcreators project before attempting to connect the device to the network.


Register the device

Register device to IoT Creators

Opening the device

Depending on the type of the device ordered (cylindrical or rectangular), the device can be opened by unscrewing the six screws that hold the top cover in place or manually unscrewing the top cap. The IMEI can be found printed on the modem.

Inserting the sim card

You can insert the nano sim card in the sim card tray located just right of the modem.

Turning on the device

The device can be shippe with or without the power button. If there is no power button, the device needs to be powered by opening it and inserting a jumper in the correct socket. Please check it out with Ellenex for further info.

Enter configuration mode

The device can be configured at the factory to communicate with iotcreators, or it can be connected to a computer and configured though a tool and cable provided directly by Ellenex. Please ask them directly for further details.

Sending data to iotcreators


Register the device

Remember to register the device before sending data to iotcreators, see chapter above.

The device will automatically send data at the specified interval of time.

Payload decoding

Code example

Here you can find a code example on how to decode data from this device:


Uplink decoder

coming soon

Forwarding data to your application endpoint

To forward data to your application endpoint, you can follow the user guide here:


Forwarding data

5: Forward message to application