[NEW] LTE-M Projects

This paragraph introduces a new type of Mobile IoT projects that you can use for LTE-M with public internet access and it comes with databundle-based connectivity.

After having understood the IoT Creators architecture, explored the possibilities that the NB-IoT network offers you for the implementation of a solution and after having dealt with one or more devkits, devices and firmware you may now want to start trials with LTE-M.
The difference between our Starterkits:

  • With our NB-IoT projects you get secured and API-based access to your sensor data.
  • You can use our LTE-M starterkit to connect your devices to a public internet address and take care of protocol handling yourself.

Databundle-based connectivity projects within IoT Creators

IoT Creators is about to offer more and more features for databundle-based connectivity projects from May 2021 on. The starting point is an LTE-M project that you can create in our portal in order to manage your LTE-M SIM cards that you use in devices with public internet access. At a later stage our portal will offer the same functionalities that you know from NB-IoT such as management of devices, their communication and their integration.

1. Managing SIM for LTE-M devices with public internet access

Make sure your device is connected to our network via the APN m2m.public.nl. Now it's time to let our portal know which SIM card you use in this device. We'll retrieve some data from Telekom's connectivity databases for you and show it in our portal.

1.1. Create LTE-M Starterkit project

Please start by logging in to IoT Creators portal https://portal.iotcreators.com and creating a new Starterkit project. In case you've got one Starterkit already you would need to end that project to try out a new one with LTE-M.

Create LTE-M starterkit projectCreate LTE-M starterkit project

Create LTE-M starterkit project

1.2. Register SIM and see details

Find the ICCID on your SIM. This ID consists of 20 digits and is printed on the back side of the SIM material (near the chip on the plastic card you got from us). The ICCID starts with 8988 and looks like this: 8988?????????????183. The last number is a check digit, calculated from the other digits. In case you receive a package of 10 SIM from us, you'll notice that the last-but-one digits are consecutive.
Please remove blanks, dash and slash before registering it in our portal.



Enter the project page of your starterkit. Click the "Register SIM" button and type in your ICCID. You can then see a table with some details about all your LTE-M SIM.
Note: This feature will only work for SIMs that you have ordered through our website. The columns with SIM details will be completed step by step on our end.

LTE-M devices pageLTE-M devices page

LTE-M devices page

2. End2end management of LTE-M devices, communication and integration

Protocol selection, device management, application callback URL's and other functionalities will be provided soon.

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