Blackbox Alertwerks 3000

The Alertwerks 3000 is an All-In-One-Box LoRaWAN gateway that provides visualization and automation.

The Alertwerks 3000 is not a simple gateway that only upload data to a cloud service; it is a central unit that gives you full control via a web interface or through a hdmi display.

Key features:

  • Uses physical (LoRaWAN) and virtual (SNMP/WGET/PING/Latency and more) sensors
  • Offers unique configuration options for actions and notifications
  • Enables you to additionally control other WiFi sensors and actuators
  • Works as an open platform with accessible SQL database
  • Provides redundancy
  • Access dashboards via HDMI output, from a Web Interface, or using ControlBridge
  • Compatible with Iotcreators through MQTT

Useful resources

Find here the useful resources:

Configuring the device

Accessing the web interface

As a Linux® device with an HDMI output and USB ports, the AW3000 can be directly connected to visualize data on the unit. The AW3000 boots into a graphical user interface, so there is no need for command-line editing or Linux knowledge.

The Alerwerks also runs a web server that exposes the GUI to the network, that can be accessed through a standard web browser.

Register the device


Register the device

Since the main connection option is the standard internet, this device does not have an imei associated with it, thus for now it not possible to register it through the portal but only through the API, because the portal only accepts imeis. If this has changed while you are reading it, just register it through the portal ;)

You can use the Alertwerks ID as unique identifier. You can find the gateway id in the settings tab of the GUI.

To register the device through the API, follow this link: Add device

The body of the request will be as such, as also reported here:

    "serialNumber": "<gateway_id>",
    "groupName": "<your_group_name>",
    "protocol": "MQTT",
    "additionalParams": {
        "userName": "<gateway_id>",
        "password": "<your_password>",
        "name": "<your_optional_name_displayed_in_the_portal>",
        "adaptationLayerName": "TMNL_MQTT_AL"


To configure MQTT, please go into the settings, then MQTT, then select encryption TLS-CA.

The configuration will be:

  • Hostname:
  • Port: 8883
  • Clientid: the username that you chose during registration
  • Password: the password that you chose during registration
  • Topic: use something in the form of serial_number/up

Create a subscription to the topic

In order for the data to be forwarded to your application endpoint. Use this endpoint: Create subscription to create it.

The body of the request should look like this:

    "subscriptionType": "resources",
    "groupName": "<your_group_name>",
    "deletionPolicy": 0,
    "resources": [
            "conditions": {},
            "resourcePath": "<serial_number>/up"
    "criteria": {
        "serialNumbers": [

Payload format

The payload format accepted is JSON.

You can use this one, but any json structure is accepted.

  "uplinkMsg/0/data": {

This is just an example, check the alertwerks manual for details about the symbols involved.

Sending data to iotcreators

The device will automatically send data at the specified intervals of time and when it receives them from its end-devices.