Queue Size Warnings

In this chapter we describe what you can do in case you get a warning about icreasing queue size in your Starterkit project.

Warning about increasing queue size by email

Sometimes you might get an email from our team, with a warning, that the queue of your project reached a size of more than 200 messages. This usually happens when the application endpoint is unreachable or responds with an HTTP code other than 200 and 202.
As soon as your application endpoint processes the uplink messages properly again, we'll inform you as well that things are back to normal.
But in case that there is a permanent problem with devices sending data but no consumer retrieves them from our queues, we ask you to take action.

What can I do as a Technical Tinkerer with my Starterkit?

The following measures can be taken in order to get the message queue of the application endpoint small again.


What do I need to do in PoC and production projects?

You can use these emails to have your operations team look into your backend application and make sure it is up and running and reachable via internet.