IoT Solutions LTD waste water (distance and tilt) sensor

The distance and tilt sensor (also referred as "waste water sensor") is a device developed by IoT Solution LTD, that can be used to monitor water levels and tilt detection in harsh and wet situations, such as the one found inside of waste water tanks.


Here an example of the sensor mounted on a sewer cover:

Useful resources

You can here the useful resources:

General information
ManualsPlease inquire IoT Solutions LTD directly
Mobile applicationPlease inquire IoT Solutions LTD directly

Configuring the device

Register the device

The imei can be found on the top cover of the device, please register the device in your iotcreators project before attempting to connect the device to the network.

Inserting the sim card

To insert the sim card, please refer to the official manual available from IoT Solutions LTD directly.

Attaching to the network

The device can be configured through Bluetooth communication with the companion app, IoT Solutions, available for Android.


Downloading the application

The application will be provided directly from IoT Solutions upon inquiry.

Select "Level sensor" from the main application screen.

To connect to the device, just tap "Scan" while in the inspect tab of the application while being reasonably close to the device, the device will appear in the devices list.

Tap to connect to it, the device configuration will then apper in the next section:

Then, enable the device and tap on "Network registration" and in the next screen, input the UDP address and port.


Iotcreators UDP server address and port


Port: 15683

Set up the APN according to your sim card type, please find the details here: IoT Configuration Parameter

And then tap on "register device to the network". The device will then register to the network and start to send data to the specified server and port.

Working mode

Sending data to iotcreators


Register the device

Remember to register the device before sending data to iotcreators, see chapter above.

After connecting the device, it will send data every hour (by default, this can be changed in the companion application).

Decoding uplinks


Decoding uplinks

To decode uplinks, refer to the following piece of code provided by IoT Solutions LTD:

Receiving downlinks

To send downlinks to the device, please use the Send downlink message API. The device can be configured with downlinks, please refer to the official documentation provided by IoT Solutions LTD.

Forwarding data to your application endpoint

To forward data to your application endpoint, you can follow the user guide here:


Forwarding data

5: Forward message to application