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CoT is a platform for the Internet of Things. You can find developer tools for integration and customization in these repositories. Please visit our GitHub

Developement Guide - Root CA certificates on IoT devices

Cloud of Things (CoT), the IoT platform of Deutsche Telekom, offers several ways to connect devices to the platform, e.g. using the M2M protocol MQTT or using REST APIs via HTTPS. To protect sensitive customer data in communication between devices and the platform, connections are secured at transport layer using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. We use TLS every day and almost everywhere in the Internet, but in relation to IoT devices, there are some not negligible challenges when using TLS:

  • additional memory needed
  • additional compute power needed
  • additional storage for certificates needed
  • TLS produces communication overhead and increases power consumption

This guide shows the best practice for handling the required (root) certificates on IoT devices

Download the Development Guide - Root CA certificates on IoT devices here

NB-IoT Protocol Development Guide

This document describes the technical access to the NBIoT-Connector and the use of the NBIoT-Protocol MQTT-SN.
The user equipment is able to send measurements, alarms, and events via MQTT-SN messages. The NBIoT-Connector processes the incoming MQTT-SN messages through the MQTT-SN-Gateway and passes them to the Cloud of Things (CoT).

Download the NB-IoT Development Guide here