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If you are testing NB-IoT with Cloud of Things and are looking for more help on Cloud of Things, please check these sources for more information: Cloud of Things Library

In the Cloud of Things Library you will find following documents:

Cloud of Things Guide

This user guide will help you with questions regarding the operation of the Cloud of Things. For an easy introduction, please also have a look at our tutorials
The Cloud of Things is a cloud-based Software as a Service for remote device monitoring and data management. It enables you to manage and control remote assets and allows real-time data analytics through secure data transfer. Thanks to this highly scalable solution, you can easily build your own device network that is perfectly suited to your business. The Cloud of Things platform is offered as a fully managed service and can be accessed through common browsers on personal computers, tablets or smart phones. The Cloud of Things web portal enables you to view all your registered devices and manage them remotely. The portal provides a dashboard for the graphical display of collected data, alarms or defined parameters (KPIs). The Cloud of Things web portal provides three main functionalities:

  • Cockpit helps you to organize and manage your devices.
  • Device Management helps you to view, locate and manage your connected “things”.
  • Administration helps you to administrate your account and add further users.
    You can download the Cloud of Things - User Guide here

User Guide – CloudFieldBus

Cloud Fieldbus (CFB, working name) enables you to connect any fieldbus device to a remote, central management system – Cloud of Things. This connection can be done within minutes and at minimal cost and provides high levels of security and reliability. Connected devices can be completely managed from Cloud of Things including data collection, visualization, fault management and remote control. The following sections describe the main properties and the architecture of CFB, starting with a motivation and an overview of the architecture. Then, the data model for fieldbus devices is discussed along with its mapping to JSON. The mapping to SmartREST is discussed and finally, the user interface is shown. Note: Fieldbus in this context refers to protocols such as Modbus, M-Bus and Profibus.
You can download the User Guide - Cloud Fieldbus here

User Guide – MQTT

This manual describes the MQTT interface to Deutsche Telekom’s Cloud of Things. It is aimed at firmware and embedded developers wishing to implement the interface to Cloud of Things on an IoT device. A special programming language is not used. In principle, any programming language that has access to the required libraries is conceivable.
You can download the User Guide - MQTT here

Quick Start Guide – Using simulators

This guide is related to Cloud of Things demo account. This is a short tutorial to show you how to create and activate simulators within the Cloud of Things. Of course, it is also possible to use your own devices
You can download the Quick Start Guide- Using simulators here


This is a guideline of the REST and SMARTREST protocols. It will explain how to integrate a device into Cloud of Things and how to develop an application for Cloud of Things.
You can download the REST API Guide here

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